Security Lighting

Security Lights Prevent 

Customers have reported that, even in low-crime regions, our lights have significantly decreased the number of break-ins and delivery parcels that go missing. While light won't stop a burglar from committing a crime at your home, it can help you or a neighbor spot someone loitering outside or trying to enter so you can stop them or notify the police more promptly.

Bright Residential Security Lighting from LKN Lights
Lighting For Security Cameras And Doorbell Cameras- Permanent Outdoor Lighting from LKN Lights

Property Lighting For 
Security Cameras

If there is not enough light to capture the offender's face or license plate, security cameras can be ineffective. To be able to identify a person of interest in a crime, it is important to have a sufficient light source for any doorbell cameras or additional security cameras. Our solution generates enough light to serve as the main light source for cameras or video doorbells that are inside the lights' visual field.

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