Landscape Lighting

Visual Appeal

Landscaping design can increase the value of your property and the addition of landscaping lights will too. Not only do they add to the aesthetic features of design, but they also provide security and safety to your property.

Make your property come to life! To make your home appear more inviting, highlight focal points and accent architectural elements, or add a soft warm glow. Highlight your favorite trees, water features, or other landscaping features both at night and during the day. Improve the natural beauty and features of your home and property while also creating a sense of serenity and ambiance.

LED Landscaping Light Installation Services
LED Lighted Outdoor Walkways & Paths by LKN Lights


Highlight pathways so that family and guests can safely navigate your property and avoid hazards like steps and debris. Make it simple for them to stay on established paths and walkways. Transform the darkness into a welcoming and secure environment for guests.


A well-lit property deters potential intruders. While increasing your family's sense of safety and security, light darker areas and shadows where a potential intruder may feel more comfortable sneaking around.

Security with Landscape Lighting by LKN Lights
Landscape Lighting for Outdoor Family & Friends Recreation by LKN Lights


Increase the amount of time your family spends outside. With a stunning outdoor relaxing area, you can use your pool area, fire pit, dock, patio, and other outdoor areas long after the sun has set.

Increase Home Value

Landscape lighting has been identified as an important feature of a home when it comes to the home buying process. A well-designed and professionally installed landscape lighting system will almost certainly attract higher-value offers on your home and investment.

Home Landscape Lighting Before & After Professional Lighting System Installation
Landscape Stair Lighting Installation by LKN Lights
Driveway Landscape Lighting Installation by LKN Lights
Garage Entry Landscape Lighting Installation by LKN Lights