Frequently Asked Questions About Accent Lighting

What is JellyFish Lighting?

A permanent color-changing LED lighting system for residential exteriors is JellyFish Lighting. Everything from regular accent lighting that resembles recessed can lighting to any hue and pattern for your celebrations and holidays is possible with it. It's simple to decorate for all holidays and events, like Christmas, Valentine's Day, Easter, Memorial Day, the Fourth of July, Halloween, and more!

What is the cost?

The roof lines of homes can vary greatly. The average cost for a front of a home can range from $2500-4000. Price is based on the amount of materials, difficulty of installation, location, and time of year. Compared to the cost of hiring holiday light installers that take your lights with them, this system can pay for itself in just a few years and you can use them all year round.

Can I make my own patterns?

You can, indeed! Since each light is independently addressable, you may select which lights to turn on and in what hue (over 16 million different colors). We also have over 100+ preset patterns.

Can I make my own accent lighting?

You can, yes! Since each light is independently addressable, you may select which lights to turn on and in what hue (anything from bright to soft white). For instance, you may leave the rest of the lights off and turn on two lights at the peak of each peak.

Can I save timers?

You can save several weekly and nightly timers as well as calendar events for holidays and other special occasions. You can link with sunset to sunrise since we are connected to weather.com.

How long does the system last?

A reliable outdoor-rated LED lighting system is the JellyFish Lighting System. LED lighting is renowned for being long-lasting. The LEDs have a very long service life rating.

What is the warranty?

We have a warranty of 1 year covering labor and 3 years covering parts.

How many different colors and patterns can you do?

The RGB lights can create more than 16 million different colors. The user can design unique software and colors, thus the options are endless.

Can I make a soft white color?

Yes! You can make any color of white.

Can I control the front of my home separately from the back?

Yes, we offer zoning, which enables you to only turn on particular lights or to simultaneously use multiple patterns on separate portions of your home.

Do I have to upgrade my hardware to get new features?

With the P2 system, app updates will happen through your device’s app store. For more information, visit the support page here:
Controller updates happen occasionally (maybe once or twice a year). The link:
has instructions on how to update your firmware on your controller. App updates are more common and will happen through your device’s app store.

Where are the controller and power supplies installed?

Installed indoors, usually on a wall in your garage that is shielded from the environment, the controller and any other power supplies. They connect to a wall outlet. Depending on the wiring, one controller can power up to 300 feet. We then run low voltage cable from your garage to the first section of roofing's soffit from there.

What maintenance is required?

A light will occasionally go out and need to be replaced.

Are the lights replaceable?

Yes. Since they are low voltage, the homeowner can change them on their own. We do this for you if you prefer us to.

How long does installation take?

Our crews move 150 feet each day on average.

Where are the lights installed?

The lights are mounted on the exterior of the soffit, downward facing, behind the fascia or trim.

How do payments work?

To book an installation date, half of the balance is needed. Upon completion, the other half is expected.

Where is JellyFish Lighting made?

Our facility in Orem, Utah, produces our controller. Locally in Utah, Colorado, and Texas, our metal is made. In every location, we hire local community members. We produce our lights in Asia to make our products more accessible.

How long has JellyFish Lighting been in business?

JellyFish Lighting's creator has been producing color-changing outdoor lights since 2011, and since 2016 has operated underneath that trademark.

How much electricity does the system use?

Less than one watt of power is used by the lights on full bright white. Additionally, the controller draws around 1.1 amps of power every 100 feet.

Are the lights dimable?

Yes, the lights are dimable