Commercial Lighting

Permanent Business Lighting

Use commercial lighting to make your business more noticeable! By turning on colored lighting every day of the year, you can keep things exciting. Additionally, use timers at night to dissuade burglary and illuminate the area around your security cameras. The track can be permanently fixed either face down to wash down the building's walls or face out for more direct lighting.

Business Accent Lighting - Permanent Outdoor Lighting from LKN Lights
Storefront Accent Lighting - Permanent Outdoor Lighting from LKN Lights

Storefront Accent Lighting

As a business accenting the front of your store with lighting can help customers locate you and add a burst to your brand. Attract new business from those in the area who might not notice your storefront without the amazing lighting.

Event Venue Custom Lighting

Accent lighting indoors or outdoors can be used to personalize each event at your venue location. Different event styles and color schemes are made possible by various color options and modes. With a professional lighting system that is simple to operate, your events will be illuminated and elevated.

Event Venue Lighting - Permanent Outdoor Lighting from LKN Lights
Fire Department Lighting - Permanent Outdoor Lighting from LKN Lights

Municipal Building Lighting

Municipal buildings like fire stations, police stations, or parks can benefit from an outdoor permanent lighting system. A well lighted station can be easy to locate in the dark or even day during a time of emergency. Parks pavilions and gathering areas with lighting are more enjoyable during events and family gatherings. Maintenance buildings, administration offices, and judicial centers can use lighting to enhance security and lighting for cameras.

Food Truck Lighting

Make your mobile restaurant stand out with a customized food truck lighting system. Attract customers with branding colors or team colors when working sporting events. Make your serving area well lit and easy for patrons to use and find condiments, forks, lids or any other additional products. Menus are easier to read and locate making it easier to decide on an item and any sides that go with it.

Food Truck Custom Lighting System - Permanent Outdoor Lighting from LKN Lights

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