Accent Lighting

Residential Accent Lighting Kelvins per mode

Custom Accent Lighting

One of the simplest methods to immediately increase curb appeal is to light up your house. JellyFish Lighting is the ideal option for accent lighting, regardless of whether your home has certain features you'd like to highlight, such as peaks or columns, or you simply want to light up your home so it's not so dark at night. You can choose which lights to turn on and what color they should be within the app. For instance, you may leave the other lights off and only turn on two lights at the peak of each peak. Additionally, you can pick from one of our pre-programmed patterns with a light on every 3, 6, or 8 feet. You can create any white hue you like to match your other outdoor lighting or to enhance the colors of your house.

Custom Residential Accent Lighting from LKN Lights
Calendar and Timer Accent Lighting from LKN Lights

Calendar and Timer

Once you've created or selected a color scheme that highlights all the proper elements, set it to automatically turn on at predetermined times each night, such as from sunset to sunrise. Due to our connection to, time zone fluctuations are taken into account. You can standardize for months in advance using the calendar tool. In this manner, switching from holiday lights to accent lighting is simple and doesn't need adjusting the timer's setting. You could, for instance, schedule a Christmas lighting program for December 1 through 25, followed by an accent lighting program for December 26 through the subsequent holiday.

Downlighting vs. Uplighting

It's essential to keep nighttime skies! The easiest technique to reduce light pollution while yet accentuating/adding security to your property is with downlighting like ours. Our downlighting system is concealed behind your trim throughout the day, whereas uplighting is frequently visible in your yard or landscaping. Another advantage of having it installed behind your trim is that it is protected from dangerous weather conditions like hail. Animals can't get to the wires because the aluminum track encases all of them.

Downlighting vs. Uplighting Residential Accent Lights from LKN Lights

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