Holiday Lighting

Lighting Features

  • Create custom patterns for yourself using the more than 16 million available colors.
  • Pick from more than 102 settings.
  • You can schedule your lights to turn on automatically for holidays or other special occasions by adding calendar events to your schedule. This will override your nightly accent lighting timer on the specified dates, saving you the hassle of having to change the settings for your accent lighting timer.
  • Zoning permits you to only have Holiday lighting on the front of your house and leave the rest of it off or lit in a different pattern.
Lighting Features - Permanent Outdoor Lighting from LKN Lights
Christmas Lights - Permanent Outdoor Lighting from LKN Lights

Christmas Lights

Outdoor Christmas lighting is entertaining for all and makes the area feel merry and bright. Putting up and taking down the lights every season is not enjoyable for anyone. It is inconvenient to put them up and take them down, whether you do it yourself or hire a nearby business to do it. You can leave your lights on all year long with LKN Lights without upsetting your HOA or neighbors! In order to blend in with your trim, they are permanently fixed behind it and contained in a track made of the same color metal. You may adjust the hue or turn on and off your lights using an app on your phone. Additionally, you may program a timer to automatically switch on and off your lights from sunset to morning. By using the JellyFish Lighting system for permanent Christmas lights, you can now decorate your home without climbing a ladder!

Halloween Lights

Prepare your house with green and purple lighting for trick-or-treaters! The combination of JellyFish Lighting, fog machines, and spider webs is perfect. Additionally, the app has a lighting flash feature! Without having to climb up on the roof, be the house that all the kids love to view from down the street. The best aspect is that you can choose to celebrate Halloween by simply turning on the lights.

Halloween Lights - Permanent Outdoor Lighting from LKN Lights
Fourth of July Lights - Permanent Outdoor Lighting from LKN Lights

Fourth of July Lights

By simply hitting a button on your phone, you can easily decorate for your Fourth of July party! What could be better than grilling outside when the red, white, and blue lights are on. Plus. Your back patio can use JellyFish Lighting as the main source of illumination.

Saint Patrick's Day Lighting

After a night out on the town and a feast of corned beef and cabbage, your Saint Patrick's Day celebration doesn't have to come to an end! Imagine driving up to your house, which is lit up in green and white.

St. Patrick Day Residential Accent Lighting from LKN Lights
Valentines Day Lighting - Permanent Outdoor Lighting from LKN Lights

Valentine's Day Lighting

With the touch of a button on your smartphone, you can easily decorate your home for your children while spending more time with your significant other. It's enjoyable to decorate for smaller holidays like Valentine's Day, especially when it doesn't take much effort or time. Choose a simple program in red, purple, or pink and white to start at dusk on February 14th!

Easter Lights

You have lots of alternatives when it comes to decorating your house for Easter! When the kids are looking for eggs, we have a preset that moves about the house like Easter eggs. There are also several choices for static patterns that use pastel hues. You can give different portions of your website different colors with the JellyFish Designer software. One peak could be pastel blue, another pastel pink, and the space over the door could be yellow, for example.

Easter Lights - Permanent Outdoor Lighting from LKN Lights