LED Lighting Systems for Denver North Carolina

LED lights have become increasingly common in recent years. LED lights are superior to other types of lighting in terms of their impact on the environment, and they also have a lower cost per usage. Security, celebrations, game days, and property adornment can all benefit from the illumination provided by outdoor LED lights.


LED Lighting Systems for Homes, Businesses, & Boat Docks in Denver, NC

Denver, NC Commercial and Business Outdoor Lighting

The addition of lighting to the front of your Denver store can not only make it easier for customers to discover you, but it can also give your brand a boost. Attract new clients to your store who otherwise might not have seen your storefront due to the lack of adequate lighting. Make more people aware of your company by utilizing commercial lighting to draw attention to it.

Throughout the year, you may keep things fresh by utilizing colored lighting. Use timers to illuminate the area around your security cameras at night to discourage burglaries. Customers claim that, particularly in low-crime areas, our lights have dramatically reduced the number of break-ins. If you notice someone loitering around the outside of a building or attempting to break in, you can stop them or call the police with the help of brighter security lighting. When cameras or video doorbells are in the lights' field of vision, our technology generates enough light for them to use as their main light source. The lighting track can be permanently fixed with either its face facing out for more direct illumination or its face facing down to wash down the building's walls.

Municipal and Public Lighting Solutions for Denver, NC

An external permanent lighting system might be beneficial for public structures like fire stations, police stations, or parks. In an emergency, it may be simple to find a station that is well lit, whether it is daytime or night. Park pavilions and meeting spots with lights make parties and family get-togethers more fun. Lighting can be used in administrative offices, courthouses, and maintenance facilities to improve security and lighting for cameras.

Residential Outdoor LED Lighting

Lighting up your Denver, NC home is one of the simplest ways to improve curb appeal right away. Whether you want to highlight specific elements of your home, like peaks or columns, or you just want to brighten up your house so it's not so dark at night, JellyFish Lighting is the best option for accent lighting. Within the app, you can select which lights to turn on and what color they should be. Set it to automatically turn on each night at predefined times, such as between sunset and sunrise, once you've made or chosen a color scheme that highlights all the necessary components.

Having Holiday lights up in the neighborhood is a fun and festive activity for the whole family. No one likes having to put up and take down the holiday decorations every season. No matter if you do it yourself or hire a local company to do it, putting them up and taking them down is a hassle. By simply hitting a button on your phone, you can easily decorate for Fourth of July, Halloween, and Christmas!

A victory is always cause for celebration with JellyFish game day lighting! You can activate the hues of your preferred football, basketball, or soccer team at the game's planned start time. You may program them to switch back to their regular evening lights after the game.

In Denver, North Carolina, LKN Lights is the go-to source for all outdoor LED lighting, both commercial and residential. Having custom outdoor lighting expertly installed ensures that it will always look great and function exactly as you need it to. Contact us today to schedule your permanant lighting installation.