Lake Norman, North Carolina LED Lighting Contractors

LED lights are becoming more prevalent in today's market. LED lights are more environmentally friendly and cost-effective compared to other lighting options. Security, celebrations, game days, and property adornment can all benefit from the illumination provided by outdoor LED lights.


Permanent LED Lighting Installation Contractor for Lake Norman NC

Hotel & Restaurant LED Lighting Solutions for Lake Norman, NC

An external permanent LED lighting system could prove advantageous for public structures such as hotels, restaurants, or gathering areas. In case of an emergency, locating a well-lit station should be straightforward, regardless of the time of day. Enhance gatherings and celebrations with well-lit pavilions and meeting areas. Lighting can enhance security and visibility in administrative offices and maintenance facilities.

Commercial and Business Outdoor Lighting Systems Lake Norman

Enhancing the lighting in front of your Lake Norman business can help customers easily find you and elevate your brand. Bring in more customers to your store who may have missed your storefront because of insufficient lighting. Attract a larger audience to your business by using commercial lighting to highlight it.

Throughout the year, you can add a touch of vibrancy by using colored lighting. Utilize timers to light up the vicinity of your security cameras during nighttime to deter break-ins. Customers have reported that our lights have significantly decreased the number of break-ins, especially in low-crime areas. If you see someone hanging around the exterior of a building or trying to break in, you can intervene or contact law enforcement by using brighter security lighting. Our technology ensures that cameras or video doorbells have sufficient light within their field of vision to serve as their primary light source. You can permanently attach the lighting track with the face either pointing out for more direct lighting or facing down to wash the building's walls.

Local Residential Outdoor LED Lighting Contractor

Enhancing the appearance of your Lake Norman, NC home can be easily achieved by adding LED lighting. If you're looking to enhance specific features of your home, such as peaks or columns, or simply want to illuminate your house to create a brighter ambiance at night, JellyFish Lighting is the ideal choice for accent lighting. Within the app, you have the option to choose which lights you want to activate and the color you prefer. Configure it to activate every evening at specific times, like from dusk to dawn, after selecting a color scheme that accentuates all essential elements.

Decorating the house with holiday lights is an enjoyable and festive activity for the entire family. Dealing with setting up and removing holiday decorations every year can be a hassle. Whether you decide to tackle the project on your own or bring in a professional team, installing and removing them can be quite a chore. With just a tap on your phone, you can effortlessly spruce up your space for Fourth of July, Halloween, and Christmas! You can bring out the colors of your favorite football, basketball, or soccer team right at the game's scheduled start time. You can set them to revert to their usual evening lights once the game is over.

LKN Lights is the top choice for outdoor LED lighting in Lake Norman, North Carolina, serving both commercial and residential customers. Having specialized outdoor lighting professionally installed guarantees it will always look fantastic and operate precisely as required.