Charlotte, North Carolina LED Lighting Systems

Many homes and businesses now use LED lighting. LED lights are excellent for the environment and cost much less per use than any other kind of traditional lighting on the market. Outdoor LED lights provide lighting for security, holidays, team game days, and property accenting.


Charlotte, NC Outdoor LED Lighting System Installation

Residential Outdoor LED Lighting

Add some extra curb appeal to your home's value by accenting it with permanent outdoor LED lights. JellyFish Lighting is the best choice for accent lighting, whether you want to draw attention to certain parts of your home, like peaks or columns, or you just want to make your home brighter at night. You can choose from patterns where a light turns on every 3, 6, or 8 feet. You can make any shade of white you want to match your other outdoor lighting or to make your house look better.

Using the calendar tool, you can set up standards for many months ahead of time. This makes it easy to switch from holiday lights to accent lighting without having to change the timer setting. Downlighting like ours is the easiest way to cut down on light pollution while also making your property look better and making it safer. During the day, our downlighting system is hidden behind your trim.

Everyone enjoys Christmas lights outside, and they make the area feel happy and bright. No one likes putting up and taking down the lights every season. With LKN Lights, you can leave your lights on all year.

You can show the colors of your favorite NFL team on Sunday and your favorite college football team on Saturday or any game day. If your team starts to lose, you can turn them off, but if they win, you can leave them on all night.

Commercial and Business Outdoor Lighting

As a business, adding lighting to the front of your store can help customers find you and give your brand a boost. Bring in new customers who might not have noticed your storefront without the great lighting. Use commercial lighting to make people more aware of your business.

Even though light won't keep a thief from breaking into your business, it can help. Customers say that even in low-crime areas, our lights have cut the number of break-ins by a lot. If you see someone hanging outside a place of business or trying to get in, you can stop them or notify the police with more accurate details in better security lighting. Our solution makes enough light for cameras or video doorbells that are in the lights' field of view to use it as their main light source.

Municipal and Public Area Lighting Solutions for Charlotte

A permanent outdoor lighting system can be helpful for places like fire stations, police stations, and parks. Buildings for maintenance, offices for administration, and courthouses can use lighting to improve security and light for cameras. Pavilions and gathering places in parks that have lights make events and family gatherings more fun. Your events will look better and be brighter with a professional lighting system that is easy to use.

For all of your Outdoor LED lighting needs both residential and commercial in Charlotte, NC contact the experts at LKN Lights. Professional installation on custom outdoor lighting that will fit your needs perfectly all year round.